Top Ten University of Bangladesh

1.Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET):

BUET is the best engineering university of Bangladesh which provides all kind of facility for engineering students. The faculty of BUET is also brilliant working very hard to  create the future of the nation. everybody dreams of studying at BUET but dreams comes true only if proper effort is made. If the reader is a college student and reading this post, just have a boost and prepare yourself for admitting in BUET. THIS IS THE TIME. Don’t miss the opportunity to read in the best university of Bangladesh.  Here are some details about BUET which may help you out.

  • Established:                1876- Dhaka survey school , 1971-BUET
  • students:                      5,500
  • Teacher:                        around 500
  • Campus :                       76.85 acres
  • Vice chancellor:           Dr. S.M. Nazrul Islam
  • Department:                 17 under  5 faculties
  • graduate produced:    25,000
  • Location:                       Dhaka ( Urban Area)

BUET campus from up.

Fax:            (880 2) 8613046
PABX:            (880 2) 9665650-80, 8616833-38, 8614640-44, 8618344-4

2. Dhaka University(DU)

  • Established:             first July,1921
  • Students:                  37,800
  • Teacher:                    3,408
  • campus:                    600 acres
  • Vice Chancellor:     AAMS Arefin Siddique
  • Department:             70 under 13 faculties
  • graduate produced:  more than 1 lac
  • Location:                    Nilkhet Rd, Dhaka 1000(Urban Area)
University Ranking

Dhaka university stands 2nd

Contact : 

Address:         Registrar Building, 1st Floor University of Dhaka. Dhaka-1000.
Phone:            (880)-2-8614150
Fax:                  (880)-2-8615583


3.Rajshahi University (RU):

  • Established:           1876- Dhaka survey school , 1971-BUET
  • students:                     25,000
  • Teacher:                   1000
  • Campus :                  753 acres
  • Vice chancellor:         Prof Muhammad Mizanuddin
  • Department:               53 under  9 faculties
  • Loctaion:                     Dhaka Hwy, Rajshahi (Urban Area)       
    Rajshashi university

    Rajshahi University campus

    Contact Website :

4. Jahangirnagar University(JU):

  • Established:              1970
  • Students:                     10,500
  • Teacher:                       672
  • Campus :                     697 acres
  • Vice chancellor:       Professor Dr. M Anwar Hosssain
  • Department:              35 under 6 faculties
  • Location:                     Savar, Dhaka (Rural Area)
JU ranking

JU Cafeteria

CONTACT:The Registrar
Registrar Building (Ground Floor)
Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.
Phone     : 880-2-7791040 (Off.)
Fax        : 880-2-7791052
PABX      : 880-2-7791045-51; Ext.- 1204 (Off.), 1307 (Res.)

E-mail   :,  or,
Website :

5.Shahjalal University of Science and Technology(SUST):

Shajalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) a nostalgic name for me, yes because I am from Sylhet so made coupls of visits at SUST. The campus of varsity is wonderful which you can’t realize unless you go there. 1 KM long passage way to the varsity, Sidewalks covered by Green trees which will gives you an amazing environment to study.

Shajalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) is famous for the subject CSE and other engineering and technological subject. For you to know they first time started the admission registration via mobile phone, the credit obviously goes to the SUSTIAN ( a term used to refer students of SUST) and their faculty.

even if you are not interested to read in SUST still I will offer you to visit Shajalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) for Its beautiful campus and obviously the lovely Sylhet 😀

Some details about Shajalal University of Science and Technology (SUST):

  • Established:             25 August 1986
  • students:                    15,314
  • Teacher:                     1468
  • Campus :                    320 acres
  • Vice chancellor:      Professor Dr. Md. Aminul Haque Bhuyan
  • Department:             26 under  7 faculties
  • Location                      Kumargaon, Sylhet (Urban Area) 
SUST university ranking

SUST Campus

Kumargaon, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh
Phone: PABX : 880-821-713491, 714479, 713850, 717850, 716123, 715393
FAX : 880-821-715257, 725050
Website :
E-mail :

6. University of Chittagong(CU):

  • Established:             1966
  • Students:                  22,000
  • Teacher:                    726
  • campus:                    1754 acres
  • Vice Chancellor:      Professor Anwarul Azim Arif
  • Department:             38 under 8 faculties
  • Location:                   University Road (Rural Area)

Chittagong university

CONTACT:           Mr. Md. Mojnu Mia, Sub-Assistant System Administrator
                               Tel     : +880-31-2606001-10 Ext. 4259       

7.Khulna University of Engineering & Technology(KUET):

  • Established:            1969
  • students:                    3460
  • Teacher:                     219
  • Campus :                    101 acres
  • Vice chancellor:     Dr. Muhammed Alamgir
  • Department:            15 under  3 faculties
  • Location                     Khulna (Urban Area) 

best university bangladesh


Address               :               Khulna University of Engineering & Technology(KUET) Khulna-9203,Bangladesh.
Phone                  :               (880 41) 769468-75
Fax                       :               (880 41) 774403
Email                   :     
Web                     :     

8.Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology(RUET)

  • Established:              1964
  • students:                      2250
  • Teacher:                       254
  • Campus :                      150 acres
  • Vice chancellor:        Dr. Mortuza Ali
  • Department:               15 departments
  • Location                        Bit Area, Rajshahi (Urban Area)

best university bangladesh

Phone   : 0721-750742Website:

9.Bangladesh Agricultural University(BAU)

  • Established:               18 August 1961
  • students:                       6,000
  • Teacher:                       549
  • Campus :                      1200 acres
  • Vice chancellor:        Professor Dr. Md Rafiqul Hoque
  • Department:               43 under 6 faculties
  • Location                       old Brahmaputra river,3 kilometers away south of Mymensingh town(Rural)

Bangladesh Agricultural University(BAU)


Adderss               :             Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh
Telephone No    :               +880 91 67401-06
Fax No                 :               +880 91 61510
E-mail                 :     
Website URL     :     

10.Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology(CUET)

  • Established:             1968
  • students:                    3800
  • Teacher:                     309
  • Campus :                    163 acres
  • Vice chancellor:      Professor Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam
  • Department:             11 under 3 faculties
  • Location                     Kaptai Road Chittagong – Rangunia Hwy (Sub-Urban)

chittagong university of engineering & technology

Kaptai Road Chittagong – Rangunia Hwy, 4349
Phone : 031-714946

                              TOP TEN University (Private)      

 1. North South University Bangladesh(NSU) :

  • Established:            1992
  • students:                   16000
  • Teacher:                     329
  • Campus :                    5.5 acres
  • Vice chancellor:      Amin U Sarkar
  • Department:             10 under 4 faculties
  • Location                      15 Ariful Haque Chowdhury Rd, Dhaka (Urban)


NSU ranking

NSU Campus

CONTACT:  Address: Plot 15, Block B Bashundhara,
Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh
PABX: 8852000 Fax: 8852016

2.Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology(AUST)

  • Established:             1995
  • students:                    6000
  • Teacher:                     200
  • Campus :                    1.6 acres
  • Vice chancellor:     Professor A.M.M. Safiullah
  • Department:             9 under 4 faculties
  • Location                     141 & 142, Love road, Dhaka 1208 (Urban)

ahsanullah university of science and technology


141 & 142, Love Road, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, BANGLADESH     
  Telephone :        Vice-Chancellor’s Office               – 8870422 Ext.-10 
                                 (Registrar                                      – 8870416 
 PABX :   8870418,  8870423,  8870426
 Fax Number :     880-2-8870417                                
E -mail:
2. website:

3.BRAC University(BU):

  • Established:             2001
  • students:                     9000
  • Teacher:                       200
  • Campus :                  ——
  • Vice chancellor:        Professor Ainun Nishat
  • Department:               8
  • Location                       66 Mohakhali C/A in Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh(Urban)

4.East West University(EWU)

EWU campus

EWU campus

  • Established:           1996
  • students:                   8000
  • Teacher:                    281
  • Campus :                  2.23 acres
  • Vice chancellor:    Professor Ahmed Shafee
  • Department:            11 under 3 faculty
  • Location                    Jahurul Islam City, Aftabnagar, Dhaka-1212(Urban)

CONTACT:  The Admission Office

Plot No-A/2 Jahurul Islam City
Tel: : 9858261, 09666775577 Mobile: 01755587224

5.Islamic University of Technology(IUT):

  • Established:               1996
  • students:                      8000
  • Teacher:                       281
  • Campus :                      2.23 acres
  • Vice chancellor:        Professor Ahmed Shafee
  • Department:               11 under 3 faculty
  • Location                       :Board Bazar,Gazipur(rural)
IUT ranking

IUT campus

CONTACT : Postal Address :Board Bazar,Gazipur-1704,Bangladesh.
Telephone +880 2 9291254-59 PABX Line

6.Independent University Bangladesh(IUB)

7.American International University of Bangladesh(AIUB)

8.United International University(UIU)

9.International University of Business Agriculture and Technology(IUBAT)

10.Asian University for Women

Please leave your comment and vote regarding this list. Let us know if you agree or not.   


50 thoughts on “Top Ten University of Bangladesh

  1. it’s so funny…….
    NSU r Asian University in top list, also National university in top ten…..
    so funny…………..

  2. it’s so funny…….
    NSU EAST WEST University in top list, also National university in top ten…..
    so funny…………..

  3. বাংলাদেশের সেরা দশ শিক্ষা প্রতিস্থানের মধ্যে MIST নাই দেখে তাজ্জব হইয়া গেলুম রে বাউ ……………………

  4. তোমারে কি চুলকায়? বাংলাদেশে কয়টা ইউনিভার্সিটে আছে, আগে সেগুলোর লিস্ট কর, তারপর খোঁজখবর নিয়ে র‍্যংকিয়ের লিস্ট বানাও।

  5. je ranking korse se asole Bangladesh er University somporke kono ideai nai…. actually this ranking is done only considering it’s popularity, but not considering the quality of education.
    i suggest this ranking
    1. BUET
    2. DU
    3. KUET
    4. CUET
    5. RUET
    6. SUST
    7. IUT
    8. KU
    9. AUST
    10. NSU

    • In Private University, ranking should be like this. They are all number 1 with mentioned subjects;
      1. AIUB (CSE)
      2. AUST (EEE)
      4. NSU (BBA)
      5. EWU (BBA)

  6. Bro, I Know, You Posted This So that You can Get Web Traffic and Make Money.. Hahahaha.. Good Idea To Fool People.. Btw, Is this Ranking done by only with Your Head or any external Research Analysis? If You did it with a research, Then I’ll say There are Huge Mistakes.. Don’t Give any Rating to Educational Institutions!! It Makes People Very Disappointed when They don’t see their University’s Name. University is Not a Matter. Your BLOOD FLOW IN BRAIN is the Matter. If you’re really a Literate Person, I Think You Will Understand That.. 🙂

  7. You can’t categorize universities like that.

    Ranking system should be like that:
    1. Engineering ( BUET, KUET etc)
    2. General Universities ( DU, CU, RU, NSU, AUST etc )
    3. Agricultural Universities ( BAU, SAU etc )
    4.Science and Technological Universities ( SUST, JUST etc )

    You can also categorize by endowment.

    But the ranking system you provided, is nothing but baloney.


  8. Bangladeshi Universities are no where even within the first 2500 universities of the world. SUST ranked 312 in QS World University Ranking is a completely incorrect information. Even the best university of Bangladesh BUET, DU are not available in any reputed ranking of world universities now. Where is Bangladesh Agriculture University which is doing the top most researches in Agriculture sector and really that has a good standard as we have the resources available. There are many universities whose area is limited within Engineering and Technology and they are small comparing the number of students, faculties, staffs like MIST, IUT etc. Although their students are doing very well in home and abroad but yet it’s very difficult to compare those with univ. like Bangladesh Agriculture University. There is no authentic ranking system in Bangladesh for our universities. It don’t depends on the fact which university’s students are making noise how much here and there. And you admin personally will never be able to make one! So, don’t create a place to quarrel. Leave it to the students who only can make their universities best by their good deeds, not shouting as we’re the best but also proving their ability in job sector, managing higher study abroad scholarships, doing cutting edge research and publishing reputed journal papers worldwide.

  9. Asholei NSU er position no . 6 a ??? WOW ! Amito happy hoye gelam mairi !!!! Btw , National University er jaygay BRAC University thakle happy hotam .

  10. you mentioned that “The ranking is based on approximate comparison of Educational result, Campus capacity , Number of PhD holders, and all other facilities.” what did you mean by other facilities? is your model or methodology compatible with any renowned international organization? make it clear please. otherwise it will make excruciating hassle among the people.

  11. asole govt to govt atar sathe kisu tulona hoyna bt private a kokhono ranking hoyna caz like nsu best for bba, pharmacy than brac best for archi and law arokom akakta special kono sbj r jonno valo privata a amon kono versity nai jata akdom sob sbj r jonno valo ai karone private kono rank nai j daoa sobi banano

  12. actually there is no ranking system for bangladeshi universities. on the basis of higher education environment, qualified permanent teachers, phd holders, scholars, permanent campus, admission test process, students teachers ratio the top universities of bangladesh are 1.BUET 2.du 3.ju 5.Bau 6.nsu 7.sust 9.ku 10.iut 11.kuet 12.ewu 13.aust 14.ruet 15.brac 16.cuet 17.jnu 18.uiu 19.mist 20.aiub

  13. Attractive part of content. I just stumbled upon your blog and in accession capital to
    claim that I acquire actually enjoyed account your blog
    posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing in your augment
    and even I success you get admission to consistently fast.

  14. In Private University, ranking should be like this. They are all number 1 with mentioned subjects;
    1. AIUB (CSE)
    2. AUST (EEE)
    4. NSU (BBA)
    5. EWU (BBA)

  15. private er gula public gulare sei fapor dicche.moja pelam.brothers,kono student public e chance pele private e pore na.lakh lakh tk koroch kore.ekhanei kobi nirob.ekekjon ekek ranking day.hehehe.

  16. Good one.I dont think we should be that concerned about the ranking system rather be attentive on your studies boys.You will make it to the top 🙂

  17. I don’t think we should be that concerned about the ranking system boys rather be attentive to your studies. You will make it to the top 🙂

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