Top Ten Private University In Bangladesh.

Student mostly struggle just after the higher secondary certificate(HSC) or A-level exam regarding the issue which university to admit at least I did suffer so far I can remember. So I made a top ten private university list for those who suffered  like me 😦 and being honest there are actually no standard ranking system for private universities if you visit top ranking site you will find dissimilarity of the position of varsities. So this ranking is kind of my personal opinion which is based on feedback’s from hundreds of people, permanent campus and obviously how does it look 😀 and overall reputation. so here is the ranking :

1.North south university (NSU) 

North South University (NSU),  the first private university in Bangladesh, was established by a group of philanthropists, industrialists, bureaucrats and academics.The government of Bangladesh approved the establishment of North South University in 1992 under Private University Act (PUA)-1992 (now replaced by PUA-2010). The university was formally inaugurated on 10 February, 1993 by the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

The university follows the North American academic system with all its distinctive features-semesters, credit hours, letter grades, one examiner system and so on.

NSU ranking

you won’t disagree about the awesomeness of their campus I bet

The foundation of NSU permanent campus at Bashundhara was laid in 2003.The 1.2 million sq. ft. floor space contains more than 100 class rooms, lecture theatres and exam halls equipped with latest teaching aids such as multimedia & computer terminal. It has IP (Internet Protocol) Telephone connectivity, WiFi access across campus, fully automated library, 35 administrative offices and 391 faculty offices; 8 Pharmacy and 9 Life Sciences-Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry- labs, 14 computer labs with around 1342 PCs, most of them with internet facilities. Servers include HP-UX System, Sun Solaris, IBM and DELL

Considering all these facts I decided to put North South University(NSU) in the first place of Top Ten University of Bangladesh.

2.Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)

Independent Univeristy of Bangladesh (IUB)


3. Brac University

brac univeristy

If you want to go higher just admit here 

4. East west university of Bangladesh (EWU)

EWU campus

Nice architectural view I must say

5. American university of Bangladesh (AIUB)


Though it is not completed, but it seems splendid. you can hope of doing class in this campus if you are admitting in 2015

6. Islamic university of technology (IUT)

IUT ranking

It’s simply awesome don’t miss the beauty 🙂

7. United International University (UIU)

pretty Cool campus what do you say?

pretty Cool campus what do you say?

8. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology(AUST)

The campus has the engineering feel indeed

The campus has the engineering feel indeed

9. Daffodil International University (DIU)

daffodil university

quite plain design but not bad

10. International University of Business Agricultural and Technology(IUBAT)

Average varsity campus which is still under construction.

Average varsity campus which is still under construction.

Leave your comment if you agree  or  disagree with this ranking and if this post helps you out. You can also express your opinion. Have a good day. 


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